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About Us

An exciting combination of expertise

In July 2015, Shamir Optical Industry Ltd. welcomed the Eyres brand to its family, providing a combination of expertise. From this unique synergy, Shamir began to pursue a new path, utilising Eyres 25 years’ experience in engineering and developing fashion- forward safety eyewear, and combined this with its own unsurpassed lens designs to create the perfect solution for excellence in eyewear.

Established in 1972, Shamir Optical is a world-renowned innovator in cutting-edge lens technology, and is also known for its stringent quality assurance practices. Shamir is known globally for its quick response to changing market demands and consumer needs.

Eyres was established in 1989 in Perth, Australia, and the brand is recognised as being at the forefront of design and innovation. Being attentive to developments within the safety and optical industries, and adhering to stringent testing procedures, as well as understanding wearers’ needs means that the product range features frame and lens solutions designed specifically for occupational eye protection, yet they are stylish enough for everyday wear.

Smart Strong Safe

High-performance, sleek eyewear people want to wear. Modern, fashionable, wrap frames, combined with the latest in lens design, offers wearers the best possible solution in safety eye protection without compromising on style.

Designed by Australians for Australian conditions, Eyres offers a broad range of stylish, comfort fitting, durable eye protectors, suitable for all faces and applications. With more than 25 years’ experience, the Eyres brand remains at the forefront of the eyewear industry and is widely recognised as a leader in high-quality eyewear.

A state-of-the-art, certified laboratory along with an in-house batch-testing program provide extra reassurance that all Eyres products not only pass but exceed the required standards, providing wearers the maximum protection in safety eyewear.

What We Offer

The Eyres range has been crafted to offer superior safety protection for your eyes without sacrificing aesthetics.
Using the latest technology, Eyres combines key design features of ballistic, safety, sport and fashion eyewear to create truly unique optics.
In industry, different tools are used depending on the task.
Similarly, eyewear must be tailored to suit the individual and their occupation. The key characteristics of a quality safety frame are optimum vision, ultimate protection, comfort and fit. Eyres has merged these elements and adapted them to meet the needs of the individual wearer.
‘For added peace of mind, the Quality Management System (QMS) is Eyres’ assurance of excellence. All Eyres products are rigorously tested in Australia for optical quality, light transmittance and impact velocity, per Australian Standard.

Dedication to R&D

Dedication to research and development
Our R&D team is dedicated to the continual expansion of products and services, ensuring that Eyres is at the forefront of frame and lens technology.
Eyres uses independent testing through NATA laboratories to ensure that all products not only pass but exceed Australian and international standards. This means Eyres can conceive and deliver superior fit-for- purpose eye protection and sunglasses with guaranteed quality.
Eyres products are developed in Australia in collaboration with the University of New South Wales and SAI Global, ensuring that they are at the forefront of the next generation of compliant and certified eyewear, and continue to provide excellent protection for the wearer.

Certification & Quality Management

Independent certification & quality management system
In-house capabilities and an external strategic alliance with SAI Global ensure that quality traceable products are produced, which have the backing of an Australian supplier.
A state-of-the-art testing laboratory ensures that products are tested per ISO9000 requirements and maintains the highest level of quality assurance in every batch.
Eyres’ QMS batch testing occurs before any products are approved and released to customers. This shows a commitment to total quality control and ongoing, fully traceable in-house batch testing.
The range has been meticulously created for improved protection, productivity and performance in the workplace, yet is stylish for everyday use. While safety is the focus, many wearers of Eyres are outdoor enthusiasts, making Eyres eyewear perfectly placed for the transition between work and leisure.